08 txt pro starting

well i just bought an 08 300. loving it by the way. this thing has me a bit irratated. it starts when it wants. it seems to start with one kick when its nice and hot. but other than that i have tried it all. should i swap the carb for the keihin? im sure its a jetting issue. my frustration already cost me a pawl gear, idler gear, and a clutch pack. i just changed those yesterday. whats odd im really careful about the starting now. sometimes i pull the lever out and it feels like the spaw gear isnt coming out. so i just try again and it works. didnt happen in the last hour of riding so maybe whatever it was worked its way out. one more question... i just now saw the artical on indexing the spaw gear on the shaft. i didnt do that. should i take it back apart? when i gently apply pressure to the kicker it grabs at about 20 degrees rotation.

Starting - there a couple of threads on here regarding easier starting. A Good starting point is to use a Iridium plug gapped to 0.022-0.023". What is your jetting? I dont think the keihin is inherently a better option for starting the bike, but your right, bad jetting will be. If your right on the lean edge, the bike will be harder to start - dont forget to try the choke if the bike isnt very hot.

Did you replace the Idler gear when you did the pawl gear ect?. Chips on the backside can make the KS jam up occasionally. I would check the Indexing.

I have no idea of the jetting yet. I can jet a keihin within a nats ass, but never touched a dellaroto. Any ideas for a jetting baseline for Hawaii? I did just put in an iridium plug yesterday. Yeah I replaced the idler gear as well.

I had starting issues as well with my 300 a few yrs ago when i first got it. My local trials guru suggested a larger piot jet( not sure what size I went to ??) that worked for me.. NO MORE STARTING ISSUES. Chad

Maybe I should mess with the air screw first? Which I believe is actually a fuel screw.

Oh yeah what fluid do I use in the clutch? Can I use motorex 5.1 brake fluid? I also have mineral oil as well for the magura masters on my husqvarna and Ktm.

Quick side note, This bike is hands down the best built and thought out motorcycle I have owned. Build quality is second to none. I love how the rear brake line goes threw the swinger. By far the most enjoYable bike I have owned as well. When its running anyway.

Call Clay @ Aloha Trials Shop, He'll help you out Good Guy.

Yeah that's where I got my starter gears from. Lol he had everything in stock. Awesome guy

The 5.1 is fine. Have used Silicone based fluid on many GG with great results.

On the GG usa "tech page" - via Jon S.

Any advantages or dis advantages to using dot 5 in my new 01 gasgas 350??? thanks J Sheets, ps your tips are the best!!!!!


I like the DOT5 as it doesn't damage paint and is less likely to absorb water, which deteriorates braking and rusts internal components of the system. If you change over, flush the system well with the DOT5 and pressure bleed it from the servo cylinder (lower) up to the master cylinder. Jim Snell of Rising Sun Imports informs me that the fluids will mix o.k. so don't worry about a little DOT3 or 4 left in the system. I used to worry about residual fluid in the system, but if Jim says it's o.k., that's good enough for me.

I understand that there is DOT5a and DOT5.1 available in Europe and sometimes here in the States. It is a lower viscosity and therefore is less restrictive in the lines, adding to the "feel" of the system, especially the clutch. It's used in the hi-speed ABS systems of the "Autobahn Specials" they run over there. I figure I'll chum up to a Mercedes mechanic and see if I can score some to try!


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Got it!! Checked the fuel screw. It was only one turn out. I was reading somewhere on here that said it should be 3-4.5 out. I ended up at 3.25 out. Like a kitten baby!! One kick wonder now. As it should be. I have always started my bikes at TDC. I was getting p****d there for a while. That should make it that much more fun.

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