Changing handle bars - How easy?

Good morning

I have brought a new pair of Renthals to replace my slightly bent ones.

I was planning to change these Saturday but am riding in the afternoon. I have new grips anyway so don't have to worry about getting these off.

My question is, is it just a case of undoing the bolts and sliding everything off the old and then sliding back on the new bars?

Any help you can offer will be great.


Are they the same size bars as the current bent ones? EI: Standard or Oversized) If so, it's really that simple. Remove the bars first so you can manuver the bars around while sliding off your controls. It will provide more lead on your cables to work with one side at a time. I prefer to remove the throttle tube when installing the grip though. Then you can just set the throttle tube standing up on a hard surface and push down on the new grip to get it on. Work quickly, that glue dries very fast! And remove excess glue right away.

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