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08 450 clutch questions..

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I bought my bike in sept of 08 and have been a fairly happy owner. I have done a couple valve adjustments since. I am guessing to be around the 75 hour mark. After I broke the stock clutch lever I went with a fairly expensive sunline v3 clutch lever that folds out, up and down on a ball bearing. By then the clutch perch had a lot of slop so I went on the cheap for a sunline clutch perch for 25 dollars. Since then I replaced my clutch cable with a motion pro cable. That set up led me to back out the on the fly clutch adjuster all the way out on the cheap sunline perch, and I also had to keep the motion pro cable backed all the way out to maintain a somewhat and I mean at least 8 mm of clutch play at the lever. Up until my last 2 trail sand wash rides up here in alaska I had babied my clutch to maintain a decent clutch lever freeplay. My questions are has anyone had luck with going with aftermarket perch and cables and which brands do you reccomend? I want to know if I should go with stock clutch plates and springs because they are ready to be changed after I measured them last night. I am planning on keeping the lever because its in good shape and I have the matching for the brake side. Can I go back to stock perch. I'm looking to keep the hotstart on the throttle side.

I know I am rambling but the only other things I need setup is what step-seat in a good brand as I am 5 foot 9 and I think the stock seat is a bit hard. I installed factory connection springs and am 245lbs. Does anyone in my range have clicker settings. The springs I have are correct for my weight. The sand up here ruins a set of fork seals in less than 8 rides usually. I just got new seals in the mail and fork seal savers. I am hoping the savers will work I havent tried them yet.

thank you. I'll take any other suggestions footpegs and skid plates are my next upgrades.

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