Warped front wheel on a new WR426F

I just went for a little ride through the neighborhood on my brand new WR426F. I looked down and noticed that the front wheel is out of round. Should I take it back to the dealer right away? I have ridden it one time, came back and tightened the spokes and that is all I have ridden it until tonight. Just bought it last weekend from the Yamaha shop. It is brand new.


you should definately take it back

That is what I thought. It's going on the truck right now so I can take it back in the morning.

It could just be the tire. I had a rear that was off. rim was straight but the tire wobbled side to side.


If I understand you correctly, you rode the bike, then came home and tightened the spokes, now the front wheel is 'warped'. Is this correct? If that is the case, then the way you tightened the spokes probably played a big part in the 'warping'. Did you tighten every third spoke on each side on the wheel until you had them all tight? Did you over-tighten them? This is what your dealer will ask when you take it back.

So... How did your trip back to the dealer go???

Bonzai :)

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