Introduction and Helprequest crf100f

Hello folks,

let me introduce myself. I'm from Germany near Stuttgart and my Son is the Reason stumbled into this very interesting forum. My Son owns a Crf100f build 2008. He is racing in the German Monkey-Cross Series. Just Google the name of the Series and you will find the page.

I started some tuning of his Bike and ran into some Problems and Solutions. I would like you to know about. I did some Changes on it that may interest some People here.

1. I changed the front fork and steering from stock to a Honda HD06 Mtx 80. Now much stiffer.

2. changed the exaust form stock to Leo Vince X3 Carbon.

3. changed the stock airfilter to K&N Filter

4. changed to 13 theeth sprocket left the rear 50 theeth stock.

5. changed the rear shock from Stock to a NSR 125ccm shock (fits perfect) but meanwhile to weak.

Now let us go to the Problems I'm trying to solve with a litte help from you Guys.

I'm trying to contact Tkraceproducts to get the Suspension Link for the crf100 but I'm getting no response. Is the Company alive?

I need to rise the rear riding height.

And can somebody recommend me a better rear shock for this bike?

Thanks in advance



Thank you very much I'll give it a shot.

Works Performance makes a shock for it and if you can't get a hold of TK Racing, you can do an Aussie Lift with a Works shock.

Hello socalxr,

I have seen the Aussie Lift pics, they look pretty interesting, but I'm not a big fan on welding and cutting the bike apart. Is there anybody out there who already bought such a link and could make some measuring or maybe a drawing of the Suspension Link from tk racing.

cheers Renato

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