86 kx250 kickstart shaft question

Hi, I recently got a 1986 Kx 250 that someone (being mean I guess) cut the kick start off of flush with the block. As a result, I am going to need a new kickstart shaft. What year bikes can I get a kickstart shaft from and it work? I cant seem to find any 1986 kickstarter shafts on ebay.



WOW! That is rough!

Look on the Kawasaki web site under Owner Info and Parts Diagrams. When you find the part number, you can click on it, then there will be a little yellow circle with a black question mark. Click on it, and it will tell you which other models have the same part number.

Good luck in shopping.

I would "guess" the shaft would be the same as the '85 and '87 kx250s. I believe all three years ar basically the same.

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