Advise on changing bikes

Just want to give background first. I'm 43 and currently own a 08 RMZ 450. I recently suffered a major injury requiring surgery and bone reconstruction in my leg. I will be off my feet for a while but expected to make atleast a 95% recovery. I have 6 screws and a metal plate now and my doctor suggests not returning to MX. I can't give up riding and love MX and racing, but I can't control myself on the track, vert competative and like to hit all jumps and do things I did when I was younger. I told my wife that I would not race anymore and considered trail riding and no track stuff. I love my bike and put a lot into it, and its set up perfect for me. I thought about selling it and getting a DRZ or WR, bike like that. Will I regret it later. Help from those who have been down my rode.:smirk:

Mx bikes work fantastic off road. A spark arrestor and maybe a bigger gas tank, and you already own the bike.

Mx bikes work fantastic off road. A spark arrestor and maybe a bigger gas tank, and you already own the bike.

Do I have to worry about overheating and the fact that this bike is not reall designed for that purpose without major changes. I was also thinking maybe one of the other bikes offer more longevity then a MX bike. I'm just worried that I wont like that kind of riding and will miss MX.

I have a friend that rides a RMZ450 offroad in the Colorado Mountains. He does Just fine on it. Its never overheated or had a trail side failure that I know of. Just add some armor, poss. a 18in rear wheel. hand guards and oversized tank (if they make em). Maybe a coolant catch tank just incase..

I don't know if I agree that they weren't designed for that purpose. I heard a statistic that something like 75% of all MX bikes never see an MX track.

I've been riding pure MX bikes on the trails forever. You give up the better trail gearing of the WR's and CRF 450X's, but the light weight, great suspension, etc, are a good trade-off.

i ride an 06 crf250r just for trail riding and it does just fine, doesnt over heat, id say you might miss mx a lil bit beacause theres no fat jumps in trail riding really, but other than not having jumps you can still haul a*s and have a lot of fun!!!:smirk:

Thanks guys for all of your input. I have time since I will be off the bike for a while, but I think I will keep it and use this time to purchase some goodies for the bike.

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