Fork seals

Hey guys

welli ha dthe bike loaded up today to go riding and got to the spot to ride and noticed some green oily stuff on my front rim. i followed the trail and found it coming from my front fork :) so i didn't ride. i have taken the fork off and inspected the seal and nothing seemed to be wrong. i am planning on taken it to the dealer tomorrow and see what they say. there is about 1200-1500 miles on my bike. i was curious if it was just maybe dirt and i could clean it and refill it with oil or would it be best to take to the dealer. also ho wmuch do u think it would cost at the dealer? thanks guys.


Should be an easy fix.

Note the fork seal is under the fork wiper.

1. Pop the wiper off with a dull screw driver (don't nick the fork tube).

2. Clean out the crud with a rag and brake cleaner. Take an old film negative and work the edge into the seal by the inner tube. Work it around while spraying w' brake cleaner. Some fork oil will come out while you do this, hopefully flushing the crud out.

3. stuff the recess by the seal with grease (which should catch the dirt next time).

4. Pop the wiper back on.

5. If a lot of oil came out you can refill as per the service manual. If you have never changed the fork oil before, it might be a good idea to do it now.

6. Go riding.

It's all in the service manual.

God bless and be ride safe.

hey thanks man!

guess i'll have to get up early and work on it before i head out.


Get a pair of sealsavers!! They work!!

or just replace your fork seals. Might just need done anyway. I have heard the negitive method to save you froa while.


I have never had a bike that is as hard on fork seals as these yamaha 4 strokes. I kill probably 2 sets a year. And I really dont ride all that hard.

It wont hurt ridding a bike with leaking fork seals. It may hurt you if the suspension gets too soft. But if there is still oil in the fork then it is riddible. Just not pleasurable.

I have heard others talk about the film trick also. I have to try that next time.

If you need to replace the seals. Dont take it to the dealer. It is really very simple to replace them. There are a few tools that you may need like a seal driver. But you can work around that with some PVC pipe Ive heard. Do a search there is a lot of info out there on replacing seals.

And if you have 1500 miles on your ride and the fork and shock oil havent been replaced you need to get on that. Change the brake fluid also while you are at it. Seriousely. It makes a differance.

yzman400, try owning a ktm, you will learn all about leaky fork seals. By the way seal savers don't seem to help either. Follow the above instructions for cleaning the seals and then spray silicone lube on the forks before every ride. Count your blessings that you don't have to deal with KTMs fork seals.

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