05 wr450f vs 04 ktm450exc vs 06 drz400e

i'm looking for an offroad bike that goes hard in the bush, but also good on-road. i'll be spending most of my time on the road, and sort of leaning towards the drz at this point of time. does anyone know of any flaws/perks of any of these bikes?

cheers in advance.

I just sold my DRZ 400E and bought a KTM 400. The KTM is much better off-road and the DRZ really isn't much fun in tight or technical trails unless it is heavily modified (mainly suspension) but it is still a very heavy off-road bike. However, your requirements are different and the DRZ and the WR will probably be easier to maintain (less frequency) if you ride on the road most of the time. The DRZ with a bigger front cog or smaller rear cog will probably be the best bet. Just be prepared to really wrestle the beast off-road.

so it pretty much comes down to either having fun, or saving time and money? do you know how the wr compares to the ktm off-road? thanks for your reply.

I really don't know for sure. I suspect the WR will also be/feel heavier, and not be near as nimble as the KTM off-road.

DRZs require much less maintenance than the more modern 4 stks making them better dual sport bikes in my opinion.

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