500 Service Honda

I lust after the Bailey Works Replica... but other than being the bike of my (wet) dreams, I have yet to ride an open class two stroke

It is not too much of a jump from a 450. The 500 will take some getting used to on the MX track. The power will hit earlier and much harder and it won't rev out as high as the 4 stroke. Depending on the engine, it will vibrate a lot more than the 450. You will get a lot of attention with it, people like to see something different at the track.

It will tire you out more than the tractor, more fun too

ive had 250s lots theyre great on track but once ur on a big bore theres no turning back,depends on u i love open class riding up north here rolling hard pack yet u can still be king of a sunday afternoon hill climbing at the local gravel pits.500 wont ike slow trail unless u put on heavier flywhell ,i just got my first 500 and pwr is the best of both worlds in my opinon, you get low end tourque like 4 stroke and the top end hit of a 2 strokr,

just get sum good grips to soak up the vibes ,

my bikes stock besides prs suspension, and a barnett carbon fiber clutch kit that im installing a good clutch is key on the 500s.in a perfect world id love to have a nic 125 as well to throw around on a track and the 500 for the fast stuff

Stock vs stock, the 500 has more hit while the 450 has more pull. The 500 will want to flatten out on top so you'll need to short shift it. The 450 will continue pulling, well, the '08 I had did anyway.

Service Honda 500AF's come with a 39mm PWK carb which let it pull further. They also come with 14/48 gearing which also helps.

As my 4-stroke friend described of my SH 500AF, it's the "ultimate MX bike". :smirk:

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