Parabellum Windshield

Has anyone tried this unit with either the IMS or Safari tank? I'm concerned about clearance issues.


John in Maine


The only Parabellum fitment issue I can see comes from bar risers. Don't see how a non-stock gas tank can touch the windshield or its mounting brackets.



The only Parabellum fitment issue I can see comes from bar risers. Don't see how a non-stock gas tank can touch the windshield or its mounting brackets.


It does because the lower mounts on the bottom tripple hit the stock gas tank affecting the lock to lock travel. Its not much on the stock tank but it may be different on the aftermarket tanks.

I would like to know also as I have been thinking of buying one also and I have an IMS Tank

I had the opportunity to look closely at a Safari equipped DR this weekend and it was pretty clear that it would conflict with the Parabellum. I still don't know the answer about IMS tanks.

I have an Acerbis 4 gallon tank that clears the Parabellum fine.

I have a Parabellum and IMS tank. No issues. The Parabellum mounting instructions leave a lot to be desired. The diagrams look hand-drawn. By a third grader. That's the only bad thing I have to say about mine. It works. Styling? Who cares?

i bought a windshield for highway long trips (over 1300 miles) from procycle. $92 including shipping from Oregon to NH.

It will be to me in about 3 days...then Im going on a long trip.....

I am sure that the real deal with any windshield is does it deflect wind at the right angle? does it come with other problems? like vibrations, loosening bolts/nuts....does it lessen the fatigue that I feel when riding on the highway for many miles and does it get in the way off road, where i need to see the terrain I am in?

I will let you know here at the TT forum if I can.

But either way it is better than nothing...unless nothing is everything.

Besides I used a piece of cardboard for the highway for one ride...then burned it that night for cooking fish was on the menu, then road in mud for a day,...then went home.

think outside the circle, cause you've already moved out of the triangle and the box is back your mind like REM sleep...:ride:


Crab- I used to run a National Cycle Deflector Screen DX. Similar to the universal Spitfire screen. It was very adjustable for height and rake angle, but I never could get it where it worked well. In cross winds, the buffeting would push the bike all over the road. Scary. With the Parabellum, there is no buffeting, no exhausting ill manners on the highway at all. Plus, I see a noticable fuel mileage improvement versus having no screen at all. Removing the Parabellum for off-road would be a bigger chore than a bar-mounted screen (the Parabellum mounts to the forks and the handlebar clamp), but a switch to wingnut fasteners eases that. The Parabellum doesn't loosen itself, and the plexiglass is very stout, with no distortions.

Thanks for the replies.........I have decided to go with the Parabellum.

Thanks for the news, Krusty. I'll go with an IMS. I'm riding Labrador this September and I want more fuel between my legs and less back on top of the luggage rack.

I also wanted big time bug and wind protection and that is why I went with the Parabellum. I rode over to western Vermont and back this weekend and at times I was buffeted by the wind pretty good, but I don't have anything to compare it to. The only DR I've ridden is this one and I've had the "barn door" windshield on it since day three.

I do worry whether the big shield and its rather meek looking backets will stand up to the Labrador washboard roads.

We'll see.

Thanks and take care,

John in Maine

Love the Parabellum but I don't like the HB clamp top mount system. I have a Renthal that has a bolted crossbar. I plan to set up hard points using the cross bar screws to secure the top mounting bars. The bottom is not such a big deal.

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well...for what it is worth the PROCYCLE windshield is really nice and fits my needs...Easy on easy off as I have two sets of wheels for OFF ROAD and STREET. This shield goes on pretty easy with some finagling and then pops off with two screws to loosen.

On the road it certainly makes a noticeable difference in how hard I hold on to the bar/grips and definitively quieter than without,

So I am happy. So far we'll see how it does after about 1200 miles next week.


Where did you get your xtra wheels?

John in Maine

Where did you get your xtra wheels?

John in Maine


Crab - are you still happy with your PROCYCLE windshield? I will be purchasing a shield in the near future.

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