5 gears or 6 gears?

I am been thinking about this lately. Most of my friends say 6 is better but then why wouldnt all the bikes have 6? :smirk:

Such a vague question. For what type of riding are we talking about?

Most bikes 6th gear is only useful when going down a road or straight to get somewhere... not actually for riding fast through chop or on the track.

Well just plain anything. Track, hill climb, or just going down a road.

My KTM has 7 (if you count neutral)!

Well just plain anything. Track, hill climb, or just going down a road.

If you want a 'do anything' bike, obviously a wide ratio 6 speed is better than a 5 speed.

It also depends on the motor. When I had a 350 two stroke 2 cylinder with a powerband at a bazillion RPMS and not much outside of that, I needed the 6 speed gear box. When I got my KX500 I thought, 5 gears? how lame! Then in practice I rarely get out of 3rd which will happily carry you to about 60mph.

Usually the 125 2strokes and smaller two strokes have 6 gears. 6 gears are used to accommodate for the small amount of torque that the two strokes put out. There for each gear is shorter to allow a higher rev In each gear. The 4 strokes have longer gears because they have the torque to beable to pull the bike through each gear. If you put longer gears in a small two stroke it wouldn't pull and would fall flat on it's face. it really comes down to what you are using it for. Woods riding I would go with 6. Mx definatly 5

I didnt like the 6 gears in my 125, it felt like there was a useless gear in there that you would pull through in 1 second. But I also didnt really like my 4 speed 450. That was kind of silly even though it had no trouble pulling it.

I had a 6 speed in my old KDX...loved that...then got a yz250(5 speed). Was way faster on the YZ but missed the 6 speed. Now have a GasGas EC300 and love the 6 speed. 1st is just a bit lower then 1st on the YZ for rock crawling/total nasty stuff...and 6th is little higher than 5th for ripping down railroad tracks or fire roads. A 6 speed is great for trail riding or cross country stuff. but I would likely never use 1st or 6th in a race...so thats where the 5 speed in alot of bikes are fine...and you dont need the extra weight and rotating mass of the 6th gear.

I am told that my KDX has 6 speeds too, but I've never used the sixth one. The only time I ever remember using fifth even, was on a sand flats area at a place called St. Joe St. Park over by St. Louis.

Even with 6 gears, I still find 1st to be too low, and 2nd to be a bit too high sometimes.

I've never kicked into 6th in the dirt.

But when I'm commuting, or on my way to the trails, having that 6th gear to haul balls at 80m/h is nice.

Offroad it's all about options. 6 speeds rules! For racing and strictly racing 5 is fine.

Dual sport without 6 is just terrible whether close or wide ratio.

My cr 125 has 5, but my friends rm 125 has 6

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