xr200 to 91 cr125 fork swap?

Hey guys, I know this gets discussed often, but I can't find the specifics for this swap. I found a 91 cr125 for cheap. I'm thinking of buying it to do a front end swap on my 99 xr200 - mostly for the front disc brake. I see forums that say an 84-89 (I think) cr125 will work, but wondering if there is a reason the 1991 cr125 won't work. I'm planing on switching triple clamps, forks, brakes and wheels. Just to clarify, I've got a good running xr200 that I want to handle better and have a disc brake up front.


I did the swap on my 87' XR200 with 87' CR conventional cartridge forks and the only thing that was critical is that the steering head bearing for both the XR and CR were the same. It only required a spacer to make it a bolt-in mod.

I did a quick look at service honda's parts fiches and the bottom stem bearing is the same for the 99 XR and 91 CR, but the top bearing on the CR is different than the XRs.

If the internal ID of the CR top bearing is the same the XR bearing, I think you could use the XR bearing in the CR triple clamp. Even if the CR internal upper bearing ID is bigger than the XR, you could have the CR triple stem turned down to fit the XR bearing. In other words, you could probably make it work since the pressed-in bottom bearing for both bikes are the same.

This is no guarantee that you may run into different issues, such as triple clamp/fork interference with the tank at full lock, since the CR forks are quite a bit bigger and the XR tank is recessed for fork clearance.

There are some folks here that has probably done the swap. I'd check the XR modification thread somewhere on this board; I seem to recall some upsidedown forks on an XR.

Good luck,


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