Front/forward cam chain guide

Is it possible to remove and replace the front cam chain guide without taking the head off? I did a search and couldn't find anything. I have not attempted it, yet. Looking for some insite before I get into it.


no,the head has to come off.

yours is worn?

Nope. Snapped in half. Don't ask how.

Thanks, Eddie.

Nope. Snapped in half. Don't ask how.

Thanks, Eddie.

WOW.., trying to get the head off, with engine in frame, more brute force then slow finesses :smirk: Of at least that was the story of a guy who brought me a motor with the same issue.. swore the head could not be removed and replaced with motor in like he read in a TT thread... He bought the motor and bike.. Replaced the guide, installed the bottom end, then put the head on :smirk:

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