replacing jets-drz125 HELP!!! ASAP

hey, my friends bike is running like shit cause it sat for to long so im assuming its the jets that there clogged up, how hard is it to replace them yourself to get the bike running right? any answers appreciated, need to now asap

It's extremely easy. It's easier to clean the jets than to replace them tho.

I'd say that it's easier to replace them - and better to do that so you don't damage the precision orifice in the jet. Just take off the bottom of the float bowl and you can see them right there. It can be fussy if you try to go through the bolt hole on the bottom of the float bowl, but it can be done. Hope that makes sense.

If you do decide to clean them (per the above post), take them off the carb so you're not pushing gunk into a carb passage.

thanks for the replies, how much would a jet kit be? and do u need certain tools to replace them? dont know much about carb's, just need to get my buddies bike running smooth by sunday :smirk:

Jet kits, including the needle, such as one from JD are about $75. You can get a replacement pilot and main jet from your local dealer for about $15-20 for the pair. You'll need a 6mm wrench and flat screwdriver (usually) and a phillips screwdriver or 3mm allen wrenc for the float bowl, depending on the carb. There should also be a 17mm cover on the bottom of the float bowl, but if you pull the main jet that way, the emulsion tube (the long tube the needle slides in) tends to come out with the main jet and it can be a pain putting them back in separately through the bottom of the bowl. It's easiest IMO to remove the carb or twist it in the rubber boots, remove the float bowl, and replace the jets that way. Removing the float bowl on a gunked-up carb also allows you to see if anything else needs to be cleaned in there. :smirk:

Chances are, you'll need to pull the jets anyway in order to find out what size to buy from the dealer. I wouldn't assume that jets are "stock".

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