Minot, ND


Im possibly moving to minot, nd for a new job opportunity. I wanted to get everyones imput on riding, any tracks, any good tracks, riding areas, any general info oin riding and where the best place is to live and raise a family. Thanks

oh and 1 more thing, ill be making about $45k+ a year, is that enough to support me my wife and 15 month old baby. Thanks for the input

Minot is a pretty good place to live. There are a few places around the state to ride as well as many MX tracks. Just depends what kind of riding you're looking at doing. Here are a few OHV areas.

St. John's OHV Park —Located NW of Rolla in the town of St. John.

Little Missouri National Grasslands —Riders will find several hundred miles of riding opportunities. OHVs must stay on established roads and trails.

Roughrider OHV Trail—A 16-mile trail managed by the North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department. The trail is located 30 miles south of Mandan on Highway 1806; it begins at the Fort Rice Campground, travels north on an old railroad bed, and ends at Little Heart Bottoms.

Kimball Bottoms Recreation Area —Also known as,The Desert, this 400-acre play area is managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and is located 8 miles south of Bismarck, ND.

MX tracks are available in most of the bigger cities around the state.

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