LT500R Quadzilla engine ??'s

OK, I picked up a Quadzilla LT500r motor (free!) missing cylinder head. Thats where my 1st ? comes in....mine is a 6-stud, Ive seen 7-studs as well. Was the 6-stud head the 1st year?? Also I have bought 2 non-specific year LT500r kickstarters and neither seem to fit. Im assuming my motor is a 87 model (I'll get serial # if anybody wants it) Otherwise, the motor looks like its side cases have never been removed, but the piston looks like it may have seized or had some detonation issues. Im also missing reed cage/intake and a shifter. Can anybody shed some light on these ?'s Thinking about transplanting it into my Daughters Chinese Quad!!?? LOL

thats gonna be one powerful chinese quad

I would look for parts over at

The quadzilla was only made from 87-92, and the engine was only used in that quad. I doubt they made too many changes, but the guys at the forum I posted should be able to help you.

They use the same reed cage as the RMX. I have a Boyesene and a stocker if you want to give them a try.

I think you should just abandon the project and sell the motor to me! :thumbsup:

I think you should just abandon the project and sell the motor to me! :thumbsup:

or me:thumbsup:

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