Springfield Mile info?

AMA Springfield Mile info please?

Quick search has revealed little for info for me.

I just moved to the Davenport, IA area and am interested in going.


<found a schedule>

Camping at Fairground?(small tent and cash have always worked for me in Europe)

Must see, souvenirs?

Anyone else going from the area Friday afternoon?

i live right next to the fairgrounds but im going riding all weekend @ stjoes in mo

yes i do always see people camping at the fairgrounds during events.

I wonder why this got moved to the Midwest section of the forum? The Springfield Mile is a National. Probably have riders from 25+ states. With at least four countries represented (USA, Canada, Australia and Japan). Spectators from maybe even more then 25 states.

thanks Mike et al.

I will be packing up my little tent on Fri to ride down from Davenport. Look forward to the weekend!

For reference I'll be on an electric blue VFR with saddlebags

Well Jim it looks like your getting wet. TT cancelled Saturday, and things aren’t looking good for Sunday morning. But it’s supposed to clear up Sunday afternoon, so maybe they will get the mile in before dark. Then try the TT again Monday, which also looks good, but supposed to be very warm.

Well, as Mr. Twain said, "Rumors of my death seem to have been exaggerated".

The Sat race was cancelled, but Sun went off without much of a hitch. As a FNG it was my first exposure to the dirt track style of racing. A nice, relaxed style of racing with a country-home feel to it. The large group of knuckle-draggers did little to distract from what we were there to see - the racing, and it was served up nice and wet. The extremely humid conditions made the track very sticky and the racers seem to do with well, with only a few crashes and none during the track. I saw a Triumph in the big race, but afterwards, it seems his chain had committed hari-kari and was in pieces around the sprocket. I will post some pics as soon as I figure out how.

Although the crowd was small, the fun-factor was good, met some former racers and had a good time, even getting a jump start when my Futura was lazy on Monday. next race is Labor Day, so I might try to get down there again!

If you enjoyed Springfield you need to go to the Peoria TT in August. The TT is the last of the club promoted events and still has the atmosphere of the hey day of pro dirt track racing...entering the PMC grounds and making that decending walk into the valley to the track is like stepping back in time 50 + years..............Springfield is a great event, Peoria is unique among great events!

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