Colorado 500 Map and/or Aspen Crested Butte


For the past 4 years in a row a group of us have done an annual ride from Lake City - Silverton - Telluride - Ouray - Lake City along the Alpine Loop. This year we would like to move over to the Aspen - Crested Butte area. I've heard that the Colorado 500 rides through this area and I'm trying to find a map or details on trail that link up around there. Any suggested routes or maps out there that we could use for reference and planning purposes?

There is no specific route, that's the beauty of the 500. Most of the riding between Aspen and Crested Butte takes place in Taylor Park. There are several maps of the trails in the basin, look up Trails Illustrated.

Lattitude 40 map is the best for the T.P. area. Please pay attention to any one way trails (Deadman). Thanks.

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Latitude 40 maps, Trails Illustrated maps, Gunnison Basin USFS map, and Gunnison MVUM (available soon) are all good references. The detail of TI maps is great, but you have to carry several to cover the vast area between Crested Butte, Gunnison, and Taylor Park. For this reason, I recommend the Latitude 40 maps.

There are two Latitude 40 maps for this area:

* the older blue cover (1:125,000)

Crested Butte - Aspen - Gunnison Trails

* the newer purple cover (1:50,000)

Crested Butte and Taylor Park

The detail on the newer purple cover map is very good, and you only need to carry one map (although it is large).

For Latitude 40 maps, check camping supply stores and here:

TI maps 129, 130, 131, and 132 cover most of the area. These maps are at 1:40,680 so they have more detail than the Lat40 maps.

For Trails Illustrated maps, check camping supply stores and here: carries both and cheaper, too. But you have to search, whereas the other two sites are keyed into their own maps.

is latitude 40 best in terms of the single track in the area? I was going to pick up some TI maps this week but i'll get the latitude if its better. Thanks

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