Honda CRF 150 F

I own a Honda CRF 150 F, 2006 model. The motorcycle starts well but after it warms up (2 to 3 minutes) once I rev it, it wants to die instead of the rpm going up.

I checked the spart plug and it has black deposits but not so much. Air filter is also clean and engine oil has been changed.

A friend told me that I have to warm it up much longer (for 5 to 8 minutes with the chock on at the middle and then it should be fine. What do you think?

My CRF 230 F certainly takes longer than 2 or 3 minutes to warm up. It should run well enough to ride with the choke completely off after just a few minutes minutes, and should have a nice clean throttle response after riding it around for 7 to 10 minutes and feel fully warmed up. If not, then you may have a problem.

Vabkian....we owned a '06 CRF150F for two riding seasons. Had the exact same problem. Starts well on the choke, run it briefly and then when you move the choke to the middle position (i.e. half choked) it would die. My solution was to fully choke for starting and then move it to about 3/4 choked (even though there is not a 'detente' position for 3/4 choke) and then let it warm up more and then move to 1/2 choke position and finally to fully open. It would take about 3-5 minutes depending on how cold it was. Once fully warmed up it ran great.

I think these bikes are very cold-blooded because they come so lean from the factory. A better solution might be to re-jet it richer and adjust the fuel screw, but I never felt like putting in the effort because it ran well once warm. The old XR's had much better infinitely variable chokes that you could manually play with rather than the full-on choke, half-choke and no choke positions available for the 06 CRF150F.

choke off or on? Assumimg it is completely off then i would think it is the fuek screw.

My expperience is these guys are lean and dont idle well. going up a size in the pilot jet solves that problem and gives the bile more snap. and that is the other option, you might have a jet that neesa cleaning.

sorry for the typos. I'm ussng the Android app for Thumpertalk and it freaks out my keyboard.

Thank you all. Thanks for your immediate response. I will be riding this weekend with my GF.

This "06 bike is almost new (10 hours of riding) on it when I bought it for my girl friend. I will warm it up properly. I warm up my CRF 450 for a couple of minutes and it is just fine. Just didnt wanted to overheat this air cooled 150 after 10 minutes running on idle. By the way, what is the signs of overheating on this air cooled CRF 150?

I own a 2006 CRF150F, and when i first got it, it was very hard to start, i had to put on the choke, hit the start button while giving it gas, and then keep giving it a bit of gas till it would somewhat idle, but it sounded like it was always about to die.

After i took the snorkel out of the air box, and rejeted my carb, the bike can sit for a month, and it will start up in like 0.01 milisecond and idle all day long, the choke is never needed, ever, even if its cold, and revving it is never needed anymore either, starts up each and every time, and idles like a champ.

IMHO, rejetting the 150f is a MUST, the bike will run so much better afterwards, you should really do it.

Vabkian - I think we probably should have asked you what altitude you ride at. I'm able to get by with stock jetting, though my 230 feels very lean on start-up, because I live at just under 5,000 ft. and generally ride between 6,000 and 9,000 ft. where the stock jetting seems to be just fine. If you live closer to sea level I'd imagine the stock jetting would be very lean.

Thank you all for the feedback. Had a great time on my 450 and the GF rode the 150 on half choke the entire time. I was not concerned with overheating at all. It is a cold blooded bike as some say. I will get it rejetted and remove the snorkle as advised. Again, thank you so much.

If you are running it with the choke at half you may have at least a partially blocked pilot jet.

I rode and played with my GF's 150 a lot this weekend. I noticed it likes a little longer to warmup as well; as it's quite finicky when cold......shouldn't have to run on 1/2 choke the whole time tho, that doesn't sound quite right.

Does yoshimura s/o fit a 2007 crf150F

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