So my powerband is a little funky. I'll start my bike up and it kicks right over. We'll while riding it, it won't hit powerband till 3rd gear. At this point ill get out of first and second as soon as I get in. When I warm it up and rip around the problem goes away. And I'll get powerband back in my first and second gear. What could be the cause of this? Could a mucked up power valve be the culprit?

Can someone say, "Cold Seizure"? Cause if you keep it up that is whats going to happen to your bike. Your cylinder and piston expand at different rates so your bike needs to be totally warmed up before you start ripping on it.Can i get a thumps up or +1 anyone?

+1 :smirk:

yeah buddy

+1 on the above. What you're describing is likely just the bike loading up and pulling the excess/settled oil out of the crank and through the motor, and until you get it warmed up it will be sluggish. My bike does it as well, but I let it warm up before I get on it hard to clear it out.

Put the purple powerband in that will clear things up :smirk:

Yup, its like a woman. Spend a little more time gently warming the old girl up before you give her everything you've got.

Blue powerband will clear it up too, but i must tell you that if you use the blue powerband you will have to run 110 octane leaded racing fuel!

ROFL! :smirk:

Thanks y'all

darwin, he is still knocking.

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