So.. What does lowboy mean for exhaust sytems??

I have never figured it out but now I want to know. And please dont chop my head off. Thanks. :smirk:

that is what I always thought early SL hondas had them most street bikes and most flattrackers

Yea thats what I found out. "Lowers and centralizes" the bike gravity. I think its just hype as well. Cuz the pipes look exactly alike.. Thanks guys.

since its lower wouldnt it just be easier to get smashed in the woods vs a stock header?

It looks like the difference is very minimal. Very small. I think its just a little more hype..

I bet there is more change in the way the bike handles after a lap from fuel used......what does a ti pipe weigh,not enough to make mention of.

In MX circles it used to refer to the exhaust traveling lower ,like mid height of the engine.Dirtbike magazine used the term when the 88 cr250 came out.You can spot the difference between the 87 and 88 cr250 and the 88 and 89 cr500.The kx500 on the other hand never went to a low boy pipe design.It might not be what you're asking but that's what I think of when I hear low boy pipe.

I think its like a radiator lowering kit. It moves a whole 5 lbs. a whole half inch down to lower the center of gravity.

It does lower the COG a little, but a lowboy head pipe is also good for a nice torque boost in the lower RPM's. That's why you used to see guys running them a lot in SX. They're not very popular so much anymore just because manufacturers have found other ways, possibly better ways, to lower the COG and the head pipes were susceptible to damage.

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