to trade or not to trade

i have a 1997 kx 100 i have put new clutch kit and gaskets and new clutch cove on it have spent roughly 350 to 400 dollars a friend is wantin to trade a 400 ex that needs pistons, rings , and tires

I would tell your friend to go kick rocks... but thats just me. Stupid trade.

yea my bike needs a top end an tires an im looking at another three four hundred dollars in to it to get it complete fixed

oh I thought you meant the 400ex needed those items. Maybe not such a bad trade then, depends on which you prefer. 2 or 4 wheels

i will ride anything an yea both things need the same things my kx needs top end rebuilt an tires and the400 needs piston and rings and tires

first off, quads are (insert profain adjative here)

and then price the rebuilds for each machine, and the work. i bet the 400 piston is twice as much. when you replace the piston on a 2 stroke, thats about it, on the 400, you have valvetrain that im sure you dont have the money for, and will need to be replaced some day. and 4 strokes are a little more work to do a top end on. do you have a manual? how about a torque wrench?

Quads are just more expensive to keep up in general. 4 tires, 3 shocks, 3 brakes, front end steering parts much like a car, plus all the ordinary stuff you'd find on a bike motor/transmission/clutch wise.

Not to mention, I see a steady flow of high $$ bent axles going through the parts/service shop up the road.

Your looking at $150 for top end parts to fix the KX, and whatever you want for tires. The quad will cost 2-3 times as much to fix and put tires on, plus more than likely a steady flow of $$ just to keep it running.

There's a reason why he's wanting to trade you.:smirk:

dude its a couch... end of story and plus olhillbilly summed it up way more expensive to fix dont do it.

I have to agree. Four stroke top ends can be problematic to rebuild, not to mention adjusting valves (not too hard, just tedious). I run four stroke and 2 stroke quads and bikes and have a lot of experience working on them. 2 stroke bikes are about the cheapest thing to maintain, especially those old bikes. I run a 1975 KM100 2 stroke!

I don't think the repair costs are to much diffErent between the two it may be worth it to trade fix the 400ex and get a nicer dirtbike out of it but after time effort and money probably best to stick with the kx bikes are cooler

i would trade, even after the repairs you'll come out on top, unless its an old 400ex but i would say if it is at least an 02 get it if you ask for advice on trading a kawasaki 2 stroke dirt bike in the kawasaki 2 stroke dirt bike section they WILL tell you to keep the kawasaki 2 stroke dirt bike, same for the 400ex if you ask in the quad section they WILL tell you to trade.

IMO you can rebuild that 400ex and get a set of EL-cheapo tires and sell it for way more than you will ever get out of that old 97 KX so yeah i would trade in no time flat or you'll have 1000 in that KX and its only worth about $800 in great condition (if that) point is youll never get your money back out of that KX unless you keep it in great cndition for 20 years and its a classic bike blahblahblah but you can make money on that 400ex, valves are not hard to adjust...30mins tops i could adjust them in 15mins, top ends aren't hard to do yes harder than a 2 stroke becuase they have the extra parts and some more blahblahblah.

IMO bottom line

KX100=loose money when you sell it

400EX=make money or at least break even

oh yeah i forgot to say the kx will need rebuilt about every 30 hours (2 strokes go thru top ends like the cookie monster goes thru cookies) the 400ex will last years

lol that math doesnt work out right. you wont make money on either bike, ever. and the 100 wont need top ends every 30 hrs, not quite that often, besides they are much cheaper, but your right the 400 will far outlast it. and lets not forget it has 4 wheels:lame:

i have decide to keep the bike six of us went an rode at sand stone park and i had a blast bike ran good i have decide to rebuild top end i am looking for top end gasket kits and rings (piston is not burned up ,the oil ring is gone) any advice on where to find these parts would be nice thanks guys

2 strokes dont have oil rings....

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