Are my cams outta spec...hotcams stage1





Rotate one more time

Do you have it at TDC on the compression stroke? Did you take them out and put them back in or are you just checking clearance?

how can i tell what stroke it is? I just figuredif i line the timing mark up in the site window and if the cams arent facing 10 and 2 their wrong?

I havent removed them or anything yet

You can tell by how the cams are lined up. There are two revolutions of the crank for every combustion cycle. One when it's on the compression stroke and the other on the exhaust stroke. If you haven't taken them out then you are one revolution off (ie on the exhaust stroke). If you want to see the lobes at 10 and 2 turn it one more revolution of the crank.

ok yea i see in the FAQs where it says that now....

damn i was really hoping this was the problem cause my drz has no power considering it has a 440 kit hotcams 1 and a fcr mx carb...what else could it be?!?!?!?

yah ... check valve clearance

ok i checked on the compression stroke and their good I guess (see pic below)and the valves clearances and all are in spec....what the crap would cause a loud knocking in the top end and cause it to have NO POWER if the cams are in time, the valves are in spec?

I loosened the bar across the top of the cam chain to check tightness and its tight...:smirk::banghead::smirk:


your new to this bike?,,they make noise,,what makes you think it has no power,are you comparing this to something else? are you a big guy? more than 200?

just curious...

acct or MCCT ?

is the cam chain loose ?

it would help if you listed in your signature, the year/mods/model of your bike, so some of these questions don't need to be asked over and over, just rtying to help spped up your diagnosis, every one should do this i think.....

I weigh cousin has an ltz400 and it only has a high compression piston and it runs awesome and will wheelie in 2nd by just throttle when i ride it....

sig is up

So your comparing a quad to a bike? I don't know about the LTZ but the DRZ has a huge Flywheel which brings more technique into the equation....

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if you make the gearing the same as the quad,it wheelie just the same.

for comparison go try to ride the quad on the highway and see how she does.

ok i got a different valve feeler gauge and heres what my valve clearances measure:

intake cam- (chain side) .152mm

intake cam- (lobe side) .229mm

Exahust cam (chain side) .254mm

Exhaust cam (lobe side) .254mm

Are these cams in spec according to hotcams spes?

im taking about hotcams stage 1's

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whats your gearing?

stock gearing at counter-shaft sprocket and rear wheel

Ebayollis , this is the card that comes with the hotcams . On it it says 15mm for intake and 20mm for the exhaust . Looks like one of your intakes is very loose and your exhausts are a bit loose also , which could result in a bit of a rattle up top , greg


ok im changing my shims and my exhaust cam buckets wont come out...i tried 2 different magnets too...what now?????

I use a pair of long nose pliers. Don't forget to stuff rags in all the holes that lead to the crankcase. In case u drop a shim.

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