KX 80 Clutch

Have a 92 KX 80 that I had to remove the clutch basket to replace the kickstart gears that keep on sticking. Putting the clutch back together, do I tork the little bolts and start plate all the way down or do they only go in a little bit?

I screwed them all the way in and compressed the little springs, put the bearing on and then the cover but I think something is wrong the cable is just free moving...it feels like no tension or engaging to the clutch.

I cant find an illustration, instructions or a diagram anywhere. Thanks.

I take it your talking about the pressure plate and clutch springs along with the bolts that hold the prings in. I believe your talking about the actuator rod that goes through the middle of the pressure plate. The rod needs to go in the pressure plate from the backside so when you pull the lever the rod pulls the plate out toward the cover. If you are bolting up the plate and springs first and then putting the rod and bearing in you are doing it wrong. I guess the best way to describe it is put the rod and bearing in from the inside of the plate and then bolt everything up. You should not be able to pull the rod out after the pressure plate and springs are bolted up and yes the bolts holding the clutch springs in should be torqued down but be carefull, too much and you will snap those bolts off. Im surprised you were able to get the cover on after assembling it the way you were talking about.

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