05 rmz 450 overheat

I recently rebuilt my bike with a new crank and rod but reused old piston, when i was filling radiator it wouldn't take much antifreeze so i ran it 5 min and it started steaming. I shut it down drained coolant then refilled. This time it burped out air and I got a lot it in. I had no steam after that. I took it down the road and it blew the overflow hose off and the engine quit running. It was locked up. i drained coolant and checked water pump and it moved as well as the piston crank and rod. I refilled coolant once again kicked it. Twice and now its stuck again and have shavings in oil. Anyone have any advice on what went wrong what I could have done differently and what may need fixed now? Help please!!!

What could have gone wrong? Many things, but why would you use an old piston after changing a crank and rod? If you reused rings, they may have broke. They become brittle once they are run. Unfortunately you will have to tear it apart again to find out what happened and hope it didn't ruin the crank. Sounds like the piston may have seized in the cylinder from heat? Tear it apart and let us know what happened and we can help from there.

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