rm 125 shifting is being weird.

On my 1997, until just recently the shifting was perfectly normal. You know how when you shift up or down, you feel that satisfactory 'click' like you know its in gear? Well just last night, my rm stopped giving me that 'click' feel when i downshift. Now its just like im pressing on rubber, almost like when a key is stuck on the keyboard, even though it works, it just doesn't feel good. So i can't tell that i downshifted even though I know i did, and it does indeed change gears. It still shifts without any problems but I wonder what could be causing this? And occasionally when I hit the powerband it pops out of gear, but not very often.

Oh and shifting up is fine and still feels nice and concise with that 'click' feeling.

shifter return spring, shift stopper, shift drum, forks........etc. somethings worn or broken, you'll have to take it apart and see.

You just had this bike apart so chances are good you accidentally installed something incorrectly.

oil change. might fix problem. quart of oil worth a shot before tearing things apart...

sorry to say, oil isn't going to fix that.

Once I put 90 wt oil in my engine because someone at the dealership said that's what the racers use. Bike shifted terribly and missed gears. So I put back the standard oil that suzuki recommends in manual and sells 10w40. Bike shifted normally, no problems. So yeah, a quart of oil can fix the problem. Why is everybody immediately tearing down bikes when there is a problem? A quick oil change can't hurt, before you start a 5 hour tear down.

been there done that. 10$ fix. replace the spring on the shift lever shaft, and the one that holds the littler roller arm against the shift drum mechanism locking it in place... Thats going to fix slushy feel of the shifter. Now the popping out gear part is going to cost some money. The dogs on the gears are worn, who knows how many.

Hi I have a 2001 Rm 125. I was riding the other day and the chain come off in 3-4th gear and stalled my bike out. Today was my first day back on the bike after replacing front and back sprockets as well as a new chain. They are the correct STOCK parts for the bike and the chain has 112 links counting rollers. The bike had a spell of shifting out of 1st gear and shifting back into neutral while riding today. This only happened 3-4 times. I then decided I would "open her up" when I did, I found myself having to "up-shift" more than once on several of the gears to get it to go into that particular gear. It done this through all the gears. It didn't do it everytime I went through the gears just occasionally. I need this problem resolved before I put her back on the track. The trans oil is about 8 hour old Belray oil. I do not ride really hard either. What should I do to resolve this problem? Can I check anything at home before taking it to a mechanic?

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