USGP Slideshow>>>>


We barely missed the gate, it CLOSED @ 9pm—&%$#@!! :smirk: We were there @9:20, last yr it closed @ 11pm.! Out comes the Security Guard who acted like he was guarding Fort Knox. :smirk: So we headed back down the road, totally bummed thinking there's no way in hell we are going to get any sleep as they were doing full on Police/CHP LIGHTS & SIREN chases at the CHP Training facility heading in. Camping by the Prison didn't seem like a good idea either. So Jeff steps out of the vehicle and flags down a truck heading toward the track. It was a head honcho (someone with a brain) and fortunately we had our passes and tickets and he let us follow him in so we could setup Jeff's Flawless Pop-Up camper.

What could have been a complete disaster turned out pretty damn good and it was obvious Glen Helen could use two things right away. Security personnel who have a clue and BETTER ADVERTIZING!

We have been to both years and to see the Euros compete on the daunting GlenHelen track is really really cool. Why nobody shows up to see some good racing on an awesome track like no other in the World is still a mystery to me.

Oh and while I’m on my Soapbox please let the powers at be somehow come to a resolution so that the AMA riders have some incentives ($$/Points) to compete. All I can come out of this is a WIN WIN for riders and most importantly fans shelling out their hard earned cash.

Glen Helen is an awesome track and if you haven’t seen it in person—you’re missing out!

So here are some pics—hope you enjoy :prof:

Those are great pics and it looks like it was a goood time at the races, Thanks for posting!

awesome slideshow.. thanks!!

Thanks guys, glad you liked the pics. :smirk:

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