Anybody have a 1974 Suzuki RV90 owners manual?

Hi, I'm hoping to track down a person who might own an original owners manual for a 1974 Suzuki RV90 motorcycle. I'm hoping that person would be willing to scan it, and send it to me. I'm not sure if this is allowed, but I'm willing to pay a little bit through PayPal for their time, if needed.

Otherwise, please be sure you'd have my gratitude for sure, and will be helping me to restore and keep an original RV90 in good shape.

Thanks! Mike.

P.S. I already found a RV90 shop manual that was pm'ed to me by a member on here, I'm hoping to now get the owners manual also.

Hey Mike,

any chance you could forward me a copy of that RV90 shop manual. Just had a friend give me one and I could use some info to work on it

Thanks, Marc

Thanks Mike, hope to have her running soon!

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