Moto Grande this Friday Night anyone?

Anyone going to night practice at Moto Grande (AZ) this Friday night? Thinking about giving it a try. Motojunkie, Maicoman, F-Pilot, etc what do you say...

(I know you are not going G-Man, at least your not going to ride).

Also, any of you guys going to Prescott for the Memorial Day races? We are!


We are planning on making a weekend of it at prescott. See you there, Me 426 #85, Josh YZ125 #20, Cory YZ80 #281. Say hi if you see us.

Dont know about Motogrande Friday, do they have lights out there or are you just planning on riding untill dusk?

Dave S


Our clan can not make it. Have you checked Dano's plans ?

I'm going to Moto Grande tomorrow night (Thursday). I was out there the Saturday before Glen Helen and the lights are all up and boy do they have a lot of them. They say that it's really bright and by the looks of it I'd have to agree. I'll let everybody know how it all turns out. If anybody else is going let me know.


2001 YZ426F (No Number)


Give us a post on Friday during the day, we are considering both Moto Grande and Ocotillo Friday night.

Looks like Ocotillo is a little closer to Phoenix than Moto G, that's better for us. They both must have lights because they both have night practice Friday night. If anyone has a preference between these two tracks let us know why...

I'm still out with a tweaked knee. :D

Also still battling with a crappy HMO and doctor, hopefully I'll get to see the Ortho specialist next week! :)

Mike, #82 Amt, has been to the MG nite practice and gave it two thumbs up.

I think Ocotillo and MG are about equal distance from town. I haven't been to Ocotillo in over a year, they usually only practice the day before an AMX race.

See y'all in Prescott, I'm coming to spectate and check out the track if I can.

Hope they fix that knee up for you F, sounds like G is gimpy now also. I hope this isn't a pattern, first my foot, then your knee, now G's ankle...

Change of plans, looks like Friday night is out but Sunday morning is on. Probably go to Speedworld for a few hours. I think practice only lasts until 11:30am on Sunday, have to get there early.

See you in Prescott!

Won't be able to make it, working early Sat & Sun. Thanks anyway, keep me posted, I'm itchin to go, I've had my new bike for over a month, and I've only ridden it twice! See you soon.

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We'll be on the lookout for you Dave. Paul 250F #36 with yellow backgrounds and Dan YZ80 #220 with black backgrounds.

I have been told that Moto Grande has night practice under the lights on Friday nights.

Maicoman, not sure if you mean Dan's plans for Friday or for Prescott? He'll be with me at Prescott, Doug might come along also (race?).

Originally posted by F-Pilot:

I'm still out with a tweaked knee. :)

spectate and check out the track if I can.

Bummer about the knee, did you tear cartilage? Now's the time to see if they would pay for a knee brace, it's cheaper then surgery.


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