Best Year(s)

What is/are the best year(s) for the YZ50F or year(s) to avoid? I am looking for a used one for woods/trail/HS type riding.



YZ50F - What year did they them? I know they make a yz50 in the 80's.

Yz450f? I love my 2004 and use it for trails and mx ... you can find them very cheap.

The 4 speed tranny is a drawback but not too bad.

All apologies. YZ250f.

Thank you for the reply.


All the YZ250F's are good --- 03+ have auto comp release. There was never a bad year and Dirt Bike just did a story on bringing a 2001 bad to like new specs.

The issue is finding a low hour one that runs perfect for low $$$$ - the only ones I have seen are $3k up. For that $$$$ I will buy a YZ250 2-stroke - as you can see I need a YZ250 or YZ250F to fill the void in my garage.

Thank you, Doctors.


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