Forks too soft??

I have an 03 CRF450R that I use for trail riding only. I am pretty happy with the way the suspension performs except on steep down hills. When trying to creep slowly down long, steep downhills and I apply the front and rear brakes the rear goes very high in the air. I am not even able to put my left foot down for balance. I am 6'4" and 250 lbs and even putting all my weight on the seat doesn't bring it down. I bought the bike 3 years ago with suspension set up by Factory Connection for 205lb A level motocross rider. It felt good otherwise so I never messed with it.

Personally, I think some of that can be expected if the downhills are very steep. It is really best to keep your momentum and if you need to slow, apply light pressure to the brakes is better. You don't want to lock them up.

As far as the suspension, before I would do anything drastic, try dialing in some compression to the forks. That should help. Maybe a little pre-load. But make one adjustment at a time and test before moving on to the next adjustment. These suggestions assume that the suspension is properly setup to begin with (sag etc...).

Good luck!

I think the lack of engine breaking due to auto clutch has some to do with it also.

since the shock is for MX riding and compression ist pretty stiff it might be worth a try to soften the low speed damping a little

The forks were set up for a 205 lb rider and he weighs 250. I would guess he need heavier fork spring(s).

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