1977-78 Turn Signal Relay anyone?

Does anyone have a 77-78 turn signal relay for an xl100? Its different because it is a 3 prong relay vs the standard 2 prong. It looks like someone put a two prong in trying to get the blinkers to work but with no luck since the wiring harness for 77-78 calls for a 3 prong version. The turn signals turn on but dont flash because of this. The 3rd prong is a ground from the relay.

Any advice I am open to. I have check bike bandit and of course ebay.

Well it looks like the 3 prong was replaced with the 2 prong relay way back when. With that said my current relay only allows for the turn signal lights to come on as I switch left or right but not flash so I ordered a new relay from bike bandit and it to was a 2 prong.

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