Custom Hour Meter Mount - But Not Working

I just mounted an hour meter on my '07 CRF250R (bought new last fall). I made a custom mount for the meter that uses my front gas tank bolt and wired it using the photo in the sticky for a guide, but it's not working. I've attached a photo of the mount and of how I wrapped the wire around the spark plug wire. Did I wire it incorrectly? Any help will be much appreciated!





(This photo has been removed from my Garage, to prevent someone seeing it and thinking it showed the correct way to wire an hour meter!)

Edited by StillKickin

You're supposed to actually wrap the wire around the coil itself.

the wrapping needs to be on the plastic cap at the end of the spark plug wire directly on top of the head (valve Cover)

Thanks very much for the helpful replies. The photo in the sticky is a bit misleading. As two folks suggested, I wound the wire (4 times) around the fat round part of the plug cap (just under the squarish part of the plastic cap) and now the meter works perfectly. Thank you!!!

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