Ride Eagle/Vail/Summit area?


Newbe looking for people to ride with in Eagle/Vail/Summit. Plated 450. I know how to ride just new to TT. Not looking to be your best friend, my wife worries about me riding alone. Trying to ride Eagle tomorrow if it stops snowing/raining.:smirk:

How's your weather looking for this weekend? I may come out that way, a little further west, this memorial day weekend. Hit me up if it looks clear and you'd like someone to ride with. dougrender @ yahoo .com works best

I will be in the area weekdays for the next two months starting 6-2-11.

Bocco and McCoy I enjoy. I will be riding late afternoons (after 4)and checking out Spring Creek and Gypsum. Please let me know if you are available. sinkaloft at yahoo dot com


Either of you guys up for this area this weekend?

I'd like to look around Red Whit and Blue but have never been.

dougrender @ yahoo.com


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