KX 125 or KX250 For racing?

I found a deal,

2 KX125'S for $1,800 bucks, both run good one spits oil but that could be a small problem, worst case worst it needs new top end,

or i can get a really badass kx250 for 1,700 bucks, yes less then the 2 kx's

only has 22 hours on it, original owner, has title and all service receipts,

I think anyone would get the kx250,

but i would really like to have 2 bikes, but i plan on doing the races

at cycle ranch and not sure how well i 125 will keep up with the 250's

also 125's need new pistons a lot sooner then 250's correct?

Some helpful opinions are needed and appreciated i will be getting

one of the above tomorrow morning.

If it were me. the 125's would be my choice. the idea of having 2 of the same bikes is great. granted, it takes twice as much money to set both up the same way but you would have one for practice and one for race. That way your specified race bike doesn't take as bad of a beating and is always ready for a race. On the same note, you'll have a back up bike to ride or for parts at the track if needed.

On the other hand, the 250 in a lites class does dominate the 4 strokes. (if your track allows them in lites).

But that's me. My son has a 125 and a 250. A few tracks here don't allow the 250 in lites so he races open class with the 250. but on the basic amateur level, it's 90% rider with a good suspension.

Well a 125 is only going to need a piston sooner if you ride it like your going to have to to keep up with 250f's. What year are the 125s? I'm assuming older if two of them for 1700 bucks. What year is the 250? Two totally different animals. 250 is a lot of bike and will surprise you to say the least if you havent ridden before.

250 is a lot of bike and will surprise you to say the least if you havent ridden before.

Funny you said that. A friend of my sons who rides Supermini, rode his KX250 last weekend at a track we were practicing at. His dad and I are good friends and his dad said, "He rides Luke Vonlinger's bike all the time." (pro rider with KX250F). I said , "uhh, that's no F, that a 2 stroke 250." After 1 1/2 laps, he came back shaking and said it has too much power. We were LOAO.:smirk:

The 125's are 98, and 01,

The kx250 is an 01 and is just so clean,

I am used to street riding, but i have been dual sporting on a drz-400s

for the past 2 months and have had it at the track 2 times,

it's a pig haha, actually just seperated my shoulder on a 125 4 weeks ago,

just uploaded the video tonight, im heeled now it was only class 1

So i should get the 125's? i mean the cr i rode in the video above pulled me around just fine, and i was being a wimp since it was my first time on track,

The 250 is clean. I sold my 05 for 1700 in dallas TX area about five months ago. Thats a tough one because it woudl be nice to have both bikes but im not sure how well parts between the two will swap, and that'd be a huge part of the decision for me. The 250 will really tire you out like sappers said. I sold my 250 smoker and got a 250f and went from being able to ride 4 hard laps on the track to like as many as I wanted to on the 250f until I was blue in the face without getting beat up or worn out.

Both choices have merit. Ultimately only you will be able to make the choice. We can give advise based on different factors.

Ok first question. How heavy are you? What is your experience? What do you expect out of the bike?

Have you ever ridden a 250?

If you are over 200 lbs I would lean towards the 250. The 125 is great to learn on and they are plenty fast but it takes a lot of rider input to make them go fast and they favor a lighter rider. The 250 doesnt take near the work to keep on the pipe and you dont have to keep it singing through the corners to have enough speed to hit a jump on a strait away. You will learn to constantly feather the clutch on a 125 in an attempt to always keep it on the pipe. (a very good skill to master and will be useful on the bigger bikes as well).

The bad thing is to a person who has never ridden a 250 2 stroke is they can be very brutal and hard to control to a novice rider. When they get up on the pipe they pull very hard and if you happen to wisky throttle it off of a jump you are going skyward with the front wheel strait up in the air. I am not saying they are hard to ride. Just to a beginner it is easy to get in trouble.

This why the 250F is so popular. Max power output is slightly higher than a 125 2 stroke but much more low end torque so you can put around the corners and still smoothly get back up to speed.

I am not saying any one of them is better than any other.. simply that they are different.

That was very well spoken^^^

i have never been on a 250 2 stroke,

i am 5"10 180#, i am a very conscious rider, i learn how to ride,

started on a ninja 250, then worked up to a Z750's after 5 months,

what i am trying to say is im not some squid, i will take the time to learn and get comfortable with the bike.

still undecided, the 125 2 smoker i rode in the video above seemed to have plenty of pull, it's just at the races here it's mostly 250 4 strokes,

can a 125cc 2 stroker compete with a 250 4?

i know it's 90% rider,

on another note i can buy the 125's learn on them, then sell 1 of them for 1,000 down the road and move up to a bigger bike.

i just like the fact that the 250 has a title, the 125's don't

Well if you are interested in riding anything besides track then the title will be necessary. If all you want is MX then the 125s sound like a good deal.

A 125 is competative with a 250F. Unfortunately in the more novice or beginner classes the 250F is easier to ride so if all things are equal and the riders are all beginners. The 250F will most likely beet the 125 but like you said 90% rider.

I've never once gotten a title persay with a dirt bike. I've owned about ten different bikes, all used except 1. Most of them I had nothing but a bill of sale on, two of them I had the manufacturers certificate of origin. Heck, On my brand spanking new 2011 kx250FI i bought last week, all i have is the certificate of origin. They dont title these MX bikes. I' think I could have gotten a title with my2011, but theres no point because you cant register it because its for closed circuit competition use only. All it would of done is had a piece of paper reading title, and I would have had to pay sales tax. Not worth the title fee and then tax for a piece of paper.

In california you have to register bikes in order to ride them on public land. Any bike made before 2002 is eligible for a green sticker. After 2002, they will either be red or green stcker depending on there emmision certification. Red sticker bikes can not be ridden year round in some areas. That is the simplified explination of Cali law.

I am not sure what the laws are in Texas. Some other states have similar laws.

You seem like a sensible rider, so I'd go with the 250. You're willing to learn the power and feel, plus your weight is just a little bit over for a 125 to pull hard.

Also, the 2 125's are not compatible to each other. So about the only things you could swap is tires and handlebars/controls.

I can't help you chose, as all have said it comes down to you. all I wanted to add though is from my own experience is my 02 kx125 is the most fun to ride of my bikes (01 kx125, 02kx125, 01 rm250, 09 250f). I recently got an 09 250f with 20 ours on it, runs great but every time I go to the track i tend to bring both and always have much more fun on my 125. It may just be a confidence thing, used to the set up or whatnot more (only have like 5 hours on my 250f and almost wheelied to my death the first day rom not being used ot its low end) but all in all i have the time of my life on my 125. i'm 5'2", 145lbs.. the 2smoke 250 isn't 'too much' for me its just .. i don't know how to explain it, just not that comfortable on it and i get tired pretty fast on it.

I know this won't help you decide probably at all, but wanted to let you know of having all 3 types, I love my 125, so much fun! oh, and I'm the same as you, cautious at first. I hstill haven't opened my 250f up full yet, don't wan tot till im more comfortable wiht its powerband

Good luck, you'll love whatever you get!

In the vet classes you have 125/250/250F/450's. A 125 can smoke a 450. I've seen it. Most tracks I've been to run 250's with 250F's. One track closest to me has a 125 smoker class.

125's are definately not beginner bikes. When a new riders try to decide between a 125 or 250 I always tell them to get the 250 because you can lug a 250 off the pipe. Yes, the 250 has more power, but a new rider will be on the pilot most of the time anyway and the power is more useable.

A 125 needs to be on the pipe, which is the last place newbs keep the gas.


My internet was down sorry guys,

I got the KX250, It's a very clean bike, and i have to agree, the power is insane,

hard to keep the front wheel down lol.

It came with a California Title so my next step is to try and transfer it into my name.

Thanks for all you guys input,

will be making a video of it soon,

If you're going to be racing it, why transfer the title? they are just going to require you to pay sales tax, and having a TX title is pretty much useless as it can't be road registered. As long as the CA title is signed to you, you're the owner and just ride it.

Congrats on the new bike. Yeah the power is insane and it may take a few rides to get used to, but once you do the bike is a blast.

One thing that you may want to consider also is are you going to insure it? If so can you insure it with out a title? I have insurance on all of my bikes. I bought it originally thinking how devistated I would be if someone were to steal them. It actually worked out for paying for repairs when my daughter tumbled her Raptor down a hill. They paid for new plastics, new control arms, new head lights, new handle bars etc. Now I wont own a bike with out insurance. Just something to think about.

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