Aplinestar Bionic Neck brace

Just tell your dad that JS7 doesn't wear a neck brace and he crashes all the time!

I've got a Leatt Adventure and I never wear it, can't stand it to be honest because it feels so restricting. The A-stars IMO looks less restrictive and I wish I'd bought it instead.

a neck brace stops the neck from hyperextension (going towards your back too far) and hyperflexion (going towards your chest too far) and stops your head from going to your sides too far. In simple terms it prevents your neck from being broken in different ways. And it does help prevent your neck from being broken. There are a ton of stories of people living through horrible crashes.

I don't know much about the alpinestar neck brace but here's what i do know. It is one of the easier neck braces to get on. It is very similar to the leatt. It is pretty expensive.

Check out the Leatt and the EVS neck also brace before making a decision. The leatt was the first to come out a few years ago and has a good following.

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