Will a 98 KX125 Header fit a 99 KX125?

Searched but no luck! I have a 1999 KX125, and my header has a huge dent with crack in it. Needs replaced for sure. I found a used one in decent shape but its from a 98 KX125. Has anybody swapped these before to know for sure if it'll work? Any other years that may work? I don't think part #'s are the same but the seller says it'll work. (I'm thinking he just wants it gone) Any Help fellas?

Did a quick search for you and found that a couple of the Kawi parts stores offer a 98 and 99 Header for the KX125 with the same part numbers.

If it's a great deal it should fit.....but a new one (stock) is about 150 bucks.

Make sure it's in great shape, no dents or excessive wear around the sealing ends and you should be fine.

You may also consider upgrading that stock pipe - it's a great upgrade, but you would need to potentialy re-jet. that upgrade alone really wakes these 125's up if you looking for it.

Thx DB rider, I appreciate it! I think I found the same as you, in that the part numbers were the same. However I called a couple local Kawi dealers and they both said no dice on the interchangability. I think I'll chance it it's $60 bucks shipped.. and he may let me return it. I cracked the factory one I had during a harescramble and didn't wanna spend a bunch of money fixing it, due to the fact that I just picked up a 09 kx250f and the 125 is goin up fer sale soon. Thx for the reply!

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