'11 tunning question

Has anyone retarded or de tuned their '11 KX250f for woods riding?

Have heard people doing one down from stock?

Wondering what it actually does?

Do you use overall power or is it just change throttle response so its not hitting so hard?

Are you better detunning or installing a throttle cam set up?

input please....

I can't imagine that being necessary. The bike has a ton of bottom end for a 250F. I might add one tooth to the rear sprocket for the really tight woods but that's about it. I will say that the addition of a DRD pipe to my bike has made the bottom and middle of the the powerband stronger at the cost of a little top end and that would be a good thing for the woods.

my problem today (well maybe me geting use to the bike)

coming off KFX450...

for my riding and ability though it seems to punch to hard ..or is this something that I can get use too?

Couple times today I almost luanched into a tree becuase what i thought was proper throttle control ... well pucker!

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i have the same thing coming off my 125 to 250f (ok, i know its a lot different) but still. I can crack my 125 almost full and be fine, accidentally did it to my 250f in 2nd and wheelied to my imminent doom/gnarly crash :smirk:

I believe de-tuning the bike is not the answer. More seat time will take care of it and you'll be glad you left it alone.

@ fred thanks...37 years old came off a KFX450, well i got a few suprises on the trail...eye opener, but all kept under control....

I practiced up a hill trying to work throttle control and by last try i think i was getting there. I stalled or putted out once, the others was trying to find a happy medium of throttle so i could control the bike and work the clutch, was finding myself down shitig at top due to a right turn over a root...

will try it a few more times and see what happens, thinking about going up a tooth or 2 in rear though this might help me too...just knowing i have that extra grunt..

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