making a rear wheel spacer - XL600R

Wondering if someone could help me out here... I got an 85 XL600R for a couple hundred bucks and tore it down and am building it back up. It's coming along fine, previous owners took decent care of it. Not building a show bike, just something I can ride on the street and trails with my boy when he gets a little older.

I'm replacing all the bearings and when I got to the rear wheel the hub bearings were SHOT. Upon removing them I realized this was likely due to the missing spacer (Honda calls it a collar). Called the local dealer and he said it'll be a month before he can get one (I'm in Canada). Beauty :prof:. Local bone yards are no help either and shipping from the US through Bike Bandit is $40 for a $17 part...:smirk:

I know I can fab one out of a piece of pipe until I can get the actual part... can someone out there who has one of these tell me the end to end dimensions on the rear deal? And if you had a picture of one that would also assist in the fabrication...

Any and all help in this matter is appreciated! :smirk:


I know what part you are talking about, i thought a lost mine when i rebuilt my bike but i finally found it in some sawdust under my table saw. It has a step in it a could be easily built if you know someone with a lathe. Have you tried the bone near perth ontario called woodys. I have bought several parts for my 600 from him. As for measurement i do not no. Good luck

I'll check the spares later,,you may be lucky.

No spares (well too many really and I didn't know which was which) so I pulled a wheel for you.

Measurements for left hand collar.

Length total..19mm


End collar..4mm wide

End collar 34mm wide,,

So start with a 34mm round..that is your maximum width.

Leave 4mm of it on one end

Lathe the rest down to 28mm

Just inside that 4mm bits a groove..make it a couple of mm deep and a couple wide

Finished length should end up a total of 19mm..

Couple of pictures soon..

In the third picture you can see a seal..The collar goes in the wheel with the 4mm edge inside the wheel..the seal goes over the collar and into the hub.

Seems kinda wrong that to me,,either way around should be ok..Wider part out or inside the seal.. either should work as my 600s testament to that..Normal to me would be 4mm collar part to swingarm..collar through seal.

Best I can do..Any queries just mention them..

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Thanks for the pics and measurements but that's not the one I'm after... it's the one IN the hub itself, should measure about 3 1/2 inches long... any way you can get at that one?


mmm..I've put the wheel back on the bike..If I get inspired I will pull it off again tomorrow,,6.30pm here now so I'm into relax mode..I also think I may have to bash out a bearing to check that,,..We shall see.,..I think all it is is a metal tube that fits between the bearings..Nothing fancy about it...Make it the same size internally as the axle and measure the length between bearings..Chop it..Install ,,done.

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Because I like Canadians,,,

92mm long

25.4mm or thereabouts wide

4mm walls

Internal same as axle

All it is is a round tube,No indentations ,No fancy ends..Now I'll stick the wheel back in the bike.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Got the pipe yesterday, and now that you have provided the dimensions I can get this thing off the lift Tuesday. Monday being a holiday for Victoria's birthday!


would it be the same for a 1991 XR600R????



Would what be the same???,,more specifics needed..

Sorry to say I don't have much in the way of XR600 rear wheels.. All my bikes be they XR or XL have been fitted with or run the XL 17 inch cush drive type rear wheels..and yep,,,they are difficult to get on an XR without a lot of work, mainly grinding of various bits..Fitting one is not a job for the impatient or fussy.

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would it be the same for a 1991 XR600R????



XR's went from 15mm axles to 17mm sometime around that year.

The "bearing spacer" is what you need.

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