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does anybody know a good place for graphic kits for a white drz? does any body have a the full exhaust mod and the fcr mod on their bike, what kind of improvement do you get and how do u know what jet kit matches the pipe and the carb? very new to all this, sorry for all the questions:worthy:I got alot more but I'm trying to ease them in a couple at time so i don't start anoying people to much!:smirk: thanks for any help

I don't know your answers, but I'll be the one to tell you people who do know are going to want more info. What full exhaust system are you running? What FCR? What elevation? 3x3 mod? Any other mods? SM, E, S, Kicker?

Take a look at the FAQ for a couple hours and then re-write your list of questions to ask down the road.

WELCOME. This place is a wealth of sure to READ about 50 posts to every one you start. I've learned more from reading problems and issues other people have had than asking questions. READ, READ, READ.

yes,,read FAQ first,,Graffix kits can be found on ebay,wheeling cycle supply, all over really..use the search function, many of the newb question such as yours have been answered many times, many have an open exhaust, and fcr, there is a kit specific to the fcr carb, kits are not matched to pipes,, Jet sizes are in the kits and what jet you install will depend on factors such as altitude, which pipe, if it is spark areested or baffled for noise, MRD/yoshimura/power bomb/ are some pipe choices available..also be aware if you have any noise restrictions in your area, or if you will be doing trail or forest or only street,,Please do read and search, help is plentiful if you get stuck or have specific questions, you'll see as you go,,welcome first order of busines is to get your loctite fixes done, then lube steering and rear linkage..good luck..:smirk:

PS you may also want to list your bike year/mods/and model in your helps speed answers your way.

ya im just woundering what a full exhust and fcr carb will do for me in general, and if they come with specific jetting instructions. oh ya I read all the fax in a couple minutes lol theres only three pages unless i'm missing something? I don't know how to do the signature thing, but I have a brand new 2009 drz400 all stock, all I really know about it is I love riding it and wouldn't mind spending some money to make it even better:ride: thanks for the tips bro

The point is, all too often people ask questions posted in the FAQ. You said you had a lot more questions...trying to help you get your questions answered. DVIRGIL is right, do some searches and many of your answers will be revealed. Power increases will depend on what bike you are starting with amongst other things. Still not sure if it's an S, SM, E, or what...

I just double checked the drz400 faqs there is only 25 post, is there more somewhere else?

S,SM, or E, it doesn't matter, from what I've seen on here and will someday do is put on the FCR 39 and get a good MRD/SSW pipe. It is a big gain on all three models.

I just double checked the drz400 faqs there is only 25 post, is there more somewhere else?

they are not posts,but entire threads on a myriad of subjects on many aspects of the bike.

AMR have a comprehensive range of styles and colors....

Eddie does some good graphic kits as well.....

For graphics I have always been satisfied using Powersport Grafx. I recently found out that their artist/designer rides a Drz400 and that he likes doing custom kits for the Z. You can call them at 1-800-903-6764.

amr graphics are the best imo but maybe ott for some people's taste. A few guys including me have the amr mad hatter kit which is well cool. I just wish i had the time to fit it :-(

Hey if u have the cash flo, get the fcr mx from TT store or from Eddie at Epic motorsports. Then call up MRD for full exhaust. You can set up the carb yourself or have Eddie set it up for you with your stats as outlined in the faq's.

Dont think you'll regret it. I was in your position last year.

Happy riding.

Oh and dont forget your MCCT, loctite fixes, bigger gas tank, quick pull throttle, big bore, cams, and so on and so on.

Research all this, thats your homework assignment for this week.

thanks for the info, looks like the fcr mx from eddie, jetted for the mrd full exhaust, def a bigger gas tank, will this set up show a good improvment from stock without the 3x3mod? does anyone sell a kit for the 3x3 that'll work with the fcr and mrd set up? thanks again, great site! I got a 2inch riser for my stock bars from twisted throtle, only had to make a bracket for my ignition, changed the bike incredibly! got hevier springs from race tech, Im having them installed this week, caint wait to see what that does I wiegh 275 stock spring is 180! hopefully I can figure out how to set the sag without a problem, havn't had time to read through the instructions yet, thanks again:)

I did the FMF Q4 with pipe and header 3x3 airbox mod and the dino jet kit from FMF. Very happy with the gains. Jet kit was PIA to install but only cause the carb is so hard to get to and the stock screws are junk. After you replace the bowl screws with some good allen head screws that make it easier to get to.

the stock screws aren't most likely used the wrong tool on them.the japanese do not subscibe to phillips type screws.

the stock screws aren't most likely used the wrong tool on them.the japanese do not subscibe to phillips type screws.

Ok so maybe junk is the wrong word. In my 40 years of riding and working on bikes it has been my experience that allen head replacement screws make for easier jetting or float bowl work. Unless you have the exact screwdriver the screws weak walls get tweaked where the allen is a nice tight fit. I sometimes even replace side case bolts with allen sets. Guess I just like the overall look it gives the bike. :ride:

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