XR650L exhaust and side panel parts

I'm tuning up my 1993 XR650L. Just did Dave's mods. My oh my, what a difference. Simply amazing.

Anyway, I was wondering for the stock muffler, there is a tab on the face of it in the middle. Should it have a plastic tab on it or something to keep the side panel from rubbing? Where can I get one?

Also, the top bolt which attaches the muffler to the frame, where can I get one? Can someone tell me if it is a shoulder bolt or anything special or if I can just buy one at the hardware store. Could someone measure theirs for me? M8 x 50 or something like that?

And finally, where can I get a fastener for the left side panel? It's the one with the funky 1/4 turn action.

many thanks


Thanks Scarty

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