Gear Ratios for 2 Different Rear Wheels

Since I am not a mx racer, I was going to use my stock 19" as a dunes wheel and get an 18" wheel with a Pirelli Scorpion Pro Enduro Rear Tire - 140/80-18 for trail riding in steep mountain terrain. Since I ride both places often, I don't want to be breaking apart the chain and adding or taking away links. I think the 13T front with a 50T rear sprocket is about right for trail riding. Right now I can switch rear sprockets on the rear between 50T and 48T (dunes ... but would like to go less) What is the max difference I can go between rear spocket sizes and still keep the same chain?

Also, is a 14T front too crazy on these bikes since I do ride some steep sand trails when I'm out there?

If the rear sprocket sizes differ by more than two or three teeth you will more than likely need to add and remove links from the chain.

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