Possible "new to me" wheels in my future

Well, found a great deal on a '03 KDX 220R. Going to go look at it tomorrow. Still planning on keeping my KX tho. Hubby and I were talking about putting a stator and light kit on the KX, so I can ride dual sports. But, found this pristine, barely used KDX. So, hopefully it'll all work out. Have the KDX for dual sports and the KX to play on. Win, win, as I see it. Plus, in a pinch, hubby could use the KDX if his bike was broke. I'll let you all know how it shakes out.

CaveMike fan of kdx220. Simple good bike. Stock suspension full of rocks though.

Well, it was a bust. Quite a bit of work to be done. So, we're back to idea #1. Going to get a stator and light kit for the KX.

Awww, that's too bad. I bought my latest bike on eBay (auction, not Buy it Now), sight unseen but asked LOTS of questions first, and got really really lucky that it truly was almost perfect.

Are you gonna keep looking?

Not looking anymore. Decided the KX is good enough for the time being. With the 12oz FFW it goes really well in the woods, so time to add the lights and just be done with it. Maybe down the road, look at the new KTMs, since they have linkage. Between the linkage and shaving the seat, I should be able to ride a big bike.

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