CR 250 pipe work on a CR 125? ASAP!

Hey i recently bought a 2000 CR 125, and the guy jipped me and put on an FMF SST pipe that is made for a 2000 CR 250, so my question is, performance wise, can i run this pipe? I had to bend it a smudge to get it to line up. Immediate feedback would be much help! :smirk:


P.S. Ive ridden it before but i dont have another pipe to compare the performance with. it seemed to run fine, but verry rich.

I would of thought the harmonics would be waayyyy out of sinc given the pipe is for an engine that's twice as big, you are talking about the expansion chamber right, not the muffler? What is it doing to make you think it's running rich?

Yes the Expansion pipe, and it's smoking like crazy( and not like the average 2-stroke) i leaned the premix to a 40:1, im using 110 sunco RF with Honda 2-Stroke oil

I would get the proper pipe.

how did he even fit it on there?? nothing would line up and wouldnt the pipe hole be bigger than the exhaust opening in the cylinder? and the silencer inlet be way smaller than the expansion pipe outlet?... maybe some pics would clear this up

yeah im probably just gonna buy a used FMF pipe

okay one sec

i forgot to mention this is after bending the pipe a little bit

and if this pipe is really made for my bike then how come its not fitting right?! what can i do to counter this problem?

ahahahahah no way this is real !!!!!!!!!!! dude what you have is a 125 pipe not a 250 pipe !!!! wow i cant belive this...maybe you should have bought a pw80.

I agree, that is a 125 pipe. As for what could make it not fit right, well, that could be a number of things. The pipe was obviously bent, so it messed with the alignment as well has aid in spooge leaking from the connection point. I guess another possibility is that is could be the wrong year pipe. It is kind of hard to tell with your pics, seems like the background is in better focus than the close up you were taking. Seeing the whole pipe on the bike would help a little bit too.

Number one, that is not a 250 pipe. Ask me how I know. The 250 pipe goes into the manifold,the 125 pipe slips over, plus the 250 has a bend when it comes out loops down and back.It looks to me you have the correct pipe.Why did you think you have the wrong one?

If someone wrecked it on the pipe side they tend to bend pretty easy.Make sure the powervalve cover bolt didnt puncture the pipe on the back side.My son is on pipe #3.

are u sure its not for a diff year of cr125r? dont look like a 250 pipe from the pics

damn i feel stupidd.... :smirk:

thanks for the help

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