99 CR80R expert maintenance?

I just recently purchased my first bike ever about a month and a half ago! I'm very excited about it. Ive wanted a bike since i was a little kid. Its a 99 CR80R expert. I do know that two strokes require more maintenance then fours. I know how to do basic things like change the transmission oil and spark plugs. I just wanted to know if you guys could share some tips on how I can keep the two smokers engine running in tip top shape. Just simple maintenance that can keep my engine running strong and putting out as much power as possible. And also i was wondering how often I should replace the top and bottom end or if thats really necessary? I dont really have that much cash to be spending 1000's on my bike. So i'm hoping you guys can help me out. Thanks!

do a compretion test on your top end. you can uselly pick up a compretion tester for pretty cheap or even rent one from an auto parts stor. if your compretion is below 125PSI, its time for a new top end, they are cheap on your side of the boarder. you can uselly do your top end within 200 bucks EASLY.

clean your air filter on a reguler bases. itll keep your motor alive and happy for a long time. pick up a no-toil filter kit, probebly one of the better ones out there (in my opinion).

and, jet(or get someone to do it/show you how to do it) your bike. use the right oil mixture with a quality 2 stroke pre-mix oil.

ames oil makes wicked 2 stroke oils if you dont mind paying a bit more. if you dont want o pay a bit more, i have nothing bad to say about lucas semi-syn. 2stroke oil as well.

+1 to choppertown, I have had a few CR80/CR85s and they are a great bike. Ensure the jetting is on, plug is in good shape and they will run great. How the bike is ridden is also important. These small displacement bikes are built to run in the high rpm range. If it is being putted around, it will have a tendency to foul the plug. Low rpms don't get the temps up to burn the fuel/premix properly. Another thing to watch is your bearings, wheel and swingarm. Fork seals aren't that difficult to do if you are brave. There are videos out there to guide you through it. Ride the bike, make sure you clean the air filter, change the tranny oil occasionally and have a blast.


The key to long engine life is keeping dirt out of your engine. That being said, how you service the filter is much more important than how often you service. First, start with a brand new Twin-Air or OEM air filter. I don't recommend no-toil filter oil because it is a light duty oil that migrates to the bottom of the filter over time, leaving the top dry and allowing dirt into your engine. Use a heavy duty oil like Belray or Maxima FFT filter oils. With a properly serviced Belray or Maxima treated filter, you can ride the bike until the filter is completely clogged with dirt and dirt will NEVER pass through it. Don't do that with no-toil or you'll be replacing expensive engine parts.

If you use no-toil, you will need to service the filter much more often. I found that I had to service the filter the day before every ride when I used no-toil. My experience says that you will service the filter 4 times as often when using no-toil. That's a lot of extra work and it gets expensive. Very expensive when dirt starts making it's way through the dry patches that no-toil leaves on top of the filter.

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