Last minute ride - fun trail, private property, Saturday 21st, leaving from Ventura


Title says it all. Leaving Ventura by about 7AM, and heading north. Very fun trail loop at undisclosed location on private property. Must have spark arrestor. Got room in my truck and would like to carpool with one other person. Count on it taking all day, 50-80 miles of riding. Fast singletrack.

PM me for details.

Damn! Sounds like fun. My next four weeks are filled with my older sons wedding stuff, but after that if you get a chance to do that again give me a pm. I don't mind carpooling either, I've got a 1ton dually crew cab we can get 3 in comfortably.

^^^what he said. I feel like I missed a great opportunity here. Pls put me on yr lst.

Sounds fun, but we got a ride already for Sunday.

No takers unfortunately, but had a good group of guys out. I'll have a helmet cam uploaded in a couple hours. 10.3 mile loop, 20 minutes on the dot. Probably 80% singletrack? Probably more actually.

I'll keep the screennames here as reference. Not a ton of opportunities come up to ride this spot, but I'll try to give some more notice than overnight next time.

Dave - Where Sunday?

I don't know how to embed these. Final lap of the trail (6th to round off 60 miles) so I was riding like a nancy particularly in the last half. Some of the straights are SUPER rough with hoofprints in the hardened dirt. The cows add another element of difficulty.

Johnson Valley area.

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