VOR530ene issuse??

Aye all gotta few dramas with my VOR (04 mod) i was hoping to get some help on.

Firstly does anyone know of a free manual down load on line that i can get??

And secondly my dash doesn't work?? Well it truns on with the scrol buttons on the left hand handle bar but nothing actually works on it, i can scrol through all the settings and fixtures but thats it after about 5mins it just turns itself off.

The speedo and the trip meter dont work.

The tach and the speedo/trip are the ones i really want to sort out, has anyone had a similar problem??

I've checked the wireing and it seems to be ok?

Other than that the bike is a sweet ride any help is much appreciated.

Cheers damo

Here is a 2002 manual: http://www.fichier-pdf.fr/2011/03/01/manuel-moto-vor/manuel-moto-vor.pdf, not sure how much changed between 02 and 04... The site I used to get all the manuals at is now gone, so that is unfortunate. The site at which I talk about is vor-racing.com, which is run by http://www.motoworks.co.nz, you can maybe email them and ask for the download?

As far as your 'dash' goes, I cannot be much help, my VOR uses a, what looks like, bicycle speedometer, sounds like yours is a little more advanced.

Thanks for your info i'll check them both out.

Much appreciated

Cheers damo

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