crfx needle tool


ive just bought a JD jetting kit for my crfx 07 according to jds fitting instructions there is a needle tool provided with the bike to remove the needle ,well i havnt got this what can i use instead ? cheers guys

I had my needle out last night and the only thing I used was an Allen wrench. Do u have ur whole carb out?

hi mate

no havnt touched the carb yet i ve never attemted anything like this before making sure i get allthe facts right before i start, sounds like a right pain

Take of the tOp. Undo the phillips screw. Pull slide out. Use Allen wrench to take of needle cap then put the slide upside down and needle slides out.

No special tools required, if the carb is still in the bike make sure to angle it so that you can get to the needle. Remove the cover off the top of the carb and move the needle to the top of the slide by operating the throttle. Use an allen wrench (or a small diameter socket if you have a nail head style needle) to remove the needle and replace it with the one in your jet kit.


thanks for the tips dosnt sount to bad after all

once you get the top off, turn the throttle to bring the needle up to the top, then you can just grab it with a needle-nose pliers.

once you get the top off, turn the throttle to bring the needle up to the top, then you can just grab it with a needle-nose pliers.

+1. To get access, I've found it easiest to remove the upper motor mounts so I can twist the carb to the left. Then do per what scott says. A helper to hold the throttle is handy, or I've zip tied it at WOT if alone. You might want to note that the torque is different on the motor side vs frame side of the motor mounts bolts I didn't quite understand what the manual meant my first time and twisted the head off one of the bolts. :smirk:


As the posts above say you don't need the tool. But if you do want it. It is a Honda OEM Tool. You could get it from a Honda dealer or order it online.

A great website for this type of stuff is CRFSONLY.COM

Here is a link.

Also if you have not seen this website I always go to Rick Ramsey website who has great ideas and tells you exactly what he has done to his bike. He even talks about the little needle tool from Honda. Se link below.

thanks for the info guys

as an update i bit the bullet and spent the day fitting the new jets ive got big hands so i ended up practically stripping the whole bike down including the exhaust shocks and airbox i cut the top out of the airbox while i was at it

fitted a 158 main 42 pilot which was the same as the one already fitted and red needle the 07 bikes have a different AP fitting so i didnt need to do the AP mod and yes fitting the air box gaiter onto the back of the carb was a mare took me about 90 mins few more bits to go back on tommorrow then start her up fingers crossed

yeah man i have big hands as well...i feel your pain brother

put her back together ,petrol on pushed the button and she started first time hardly any choke i took her for a spin well pleased ,a lot more responsive wheelies of the thottle second gear couldnt do that before yeeehaaa now what else can i do for a bit more hmmmm

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