new E engine break in

hi guys hoping you can help

you have probally read about by big bore install that went BAD, i have now taken old engine out and sold as parts and im getting a brand new E engine

my question is shall i run engine in before i install big bore kit or install big bore kit and then run in engine.

and how do you run a brand new engine in, MOTOTUNE way ? or follow suzuki break in


As for break.. Ride it like you stole It from the first time you ride it.. :-)

Sure someone will speak about the big bore.. But cannot see it being a issue at all

Doesn't really easier to install the BB with the engine out....

If it comes with warranty you may want to keep it stock for the warranty duration...

Follow the basic procedures found in the Mototune method. They are not new, are proven to work.

"ride it like you stole it" is not a break in method a successful builder will recommended.

If you have the BB kit already, install it now.. If not use the motor Stock until you do. Same recommended break in and maintenance for either engine.

I tried the (ride it like you stole it) with extended warrantee... GFs Ninja 250, it turned out to be a knocking oil burner. All other bikes I varied RPMs no lugging, tried to keep from running them too hot and did very frequent oil changes till the metal in the oil mostly dissappeared, all ended up very quiet to fairly quiet and most had no oil consumption, some I kept to high milage and never had one apart (except 2 strokes top ends).

how did you score a brand new motor ?

not from a stealer ,,, aye

yah , use the mototune method , this is very far from the ' i just stole it ' way

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